Spending is easy it's earning and well with the array of kids I have every penny counts but is well spent! May you have find treasures you can make or embellish with only a dollar. n.joy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things around the house

These are some photos the I added to show what I have been doing around the house. The cat was black and I crackled it painted off white and sanded then I wraped the neck with ribbon and some flowers and now she sits pretty.
The beef stew was potatos, carrots, steak and some sugar snap peas added last minete so that they don't turn to mush and added a packet of vegetable beef stew and a package of low salt ah jus sauce and simmered the house smelled so good.
Next I made the heart it was Dark blue. I painted it off white and again added ribbon and hot glued some flowers on it. I don't hanve much but what I do have must be made into something I do like. The only thing that wasn't made with a dollar was the beef stew my family constist of 7 people and well stew is cheap but for 7 it exceeds one dollar always.
Thoughts for these pics..... Do with what you have and make the best of it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Door Swag

I was looking for something to do with these pine cones that is a crazy thing to collect but Ive tons and well I googled things to do with pine cones and I had one million things to do if it was Christmas time. So I made a hanger?
I sprayed them with potpourri smellies and then hung each one with ribbon and added a rose to hide the end. I know its simple but I really love collecting them and the kids do to I'm searching for the gigantic ones they have at stores but I'm not buying them god gave them to us as part of a beginning to new life and i refuse to buy something that should be free!
Thought for this craft..... Never buy what should be free....

Rose pillow

So this was a ugly pillow and it was in need of sprucing up. I bagged it with a satin pillow case and sewed it inside out and shoved the ugly pillow through the opening and then added a ruffle. So the ruffle was once a curtain panel edge with a huge weird ruffle around it got detached from the sheer I just pulled and off it came. I began to sew it in a coil outwards to the edge (or until I ran out of ruffle) and now its my rose pillow that I will eventually change again and again I like change sometimes when I know whats ahead and change can be scary also but for this craft change Good!
Thought for this craft... Lord please keep me original!

A place for you

I ended up making more and I wrote something for each kid and where they sit they loved them and It showed I thought of them during the day. I was making beef stew and cleaning rearranging and well I took on more projects during the day then I had intendeed to do but they all got done I'm working on a video to show all the house.
Thought for this crafting day...Small thing lead to big things, never take on more than you can handel...

Monday, March 28, 2011


The beginning to the Place mat that I crafted for the coffee table. I saw a post that someone made a place mat for the coffee pot and I thought since I was unhappy with the holder for the remotes I would make one revised! The material came from a drop cloth at Lowe's (saves a ton of money that way and its all usable!) then with the ribbon at walmart i trimmed the edges and then added lace trim to hide the edge and then made poesy's with the left over material from another craft this was daunting and hard for the simple fact that I don't own a sewing machine and had to glue it all !
Thought for this craft.... Everything and everyone has their place!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is a free item left for the taking at my work that I check daily! And it was perfect for the amount of fruit that we eat in this house. We are out of bananas so on went another ribbon just a splash of color to an other wise empty spot. I didn't craft today for I had to work get the kids and drove 30 miles to get 2 kids from my friend who watches them as if they are family (thank god).. Clean the house and tidy the bedroom for the one hundredth time.... As tired as I am I felt I needed to stay truthful and post something new. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got plenty of rest, spent time with your family or alone with your own thoughts which ever you may like? Have wonderful dreams and i'll see you all tomorrow!
Thought for this craft.... Tossed aside yes, saved yes and now It's the apple of my eye yes........

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Before and after

Here is the worlds smallest room its about 7(long) by 5ft(wide). There's a door to the right of this a small walk in closet and one more turn leads to our bedroom door. I jazzed it up with a pink curtain and took the door off the closet! You'll see that all later. What I intended was to do picks from beginning to end but I have almost no impulse control. It was Burgundy and awful smelled like basement! With left over paint it came to life. I decoupaged the shelves and then started to sand with the coolest tool I found rummaging through the basement what it is who knows but I love it! Then I remembered I was intended to take a pic before then after! Well I'm not done it needs varnish and more dings and then polyurethane.... I'll post more when I'm done. One dollar you say well here's the break down.
stand= free (roadside)
Paint= 5 dollars 4 for one gallon and Uses about 8 0z Thinned to stretch the paint.
Napkins= 20 for like a dollar, I used 6
Varnish= free
polyurethane= free
Thought for today's craft.... Sanding tool 1, knuckle 0 never underestimate the power of a sander!

Friday, March 25, 2011

My daughter made this beautiful heart for whom I don't know but I do know that even though she and I are having our moment where she doesn't want to be like her mother! She made this not even knowing that SHE IS ON HER WAY to being a more improved me! Teenagers............... May the lord give us the strength to handel what may come and beliving in the power of forgivness and understanding! Today im living Positively one day at a time. "In everything I do I will not allow myself to think badly of others may you turn dark roads bright before them and smooth out the road ahead.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is a Pompadour made by me and myself. The ball is Styrofoam and I covered it with material that was once a skirt. Gathered it at the top and hot glued a flower left over lace and ribbon to the gathered top to hide the ugly end and glued a ribbon to hang it from.
This was a fast craft I made about a year ago and was desperate for something to craft at work! It took all of 15-20 mins and I loved the out come you could use bound up paper stuffing and slash some perfume on it and deodorise something in you closet. Make them smaller and its a Ornament and so on.
Thought for this craft is.... Who invented the Pompadour?

Scrub Ah Dub

Here you have a simple mason jar that just was doing nothing! I have been pondering what to do with it. So again I found a great idea. I poked a hole in the top with a sharp knife (I seriously recommend that you use a drill) put the pump from a old Soft Soap bottle in the hole down to the twister part and with about 18 cents worth or scraps I tied a ribbon around the once plain boring jar.. I filled with Japanese Cherry blossom Lotion/ soap from Walmart (thought of you Angela while at the local Tilton, N.H. Walmart!)and tadah...
Thought for this craft... May your new soap pump cleanse your mind while in crafting mode!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like I said I had everything PRIMITIVE Style and well I was almost Amish.. After about 4-5 years of collecting I wanted a new style and well with a limited budget of about a dollar I creating this my blog. So eventually I climbed out from my strick tight wallet and took it all down and promised my self that when it went back I was going to be shabby chic!
This for instance was navy blue and the star as red like the others that will be transformed (ill show you those soon)the light was a x-mas decorating ornament I put the candle in the container and crackled the base and then painted it antique white and took some of the flowers that were left over wedding decorations (not my wedding OF COURSE) and put it all together in the window so that when I'm washing dishes that some would rather throw out and the water is starting to leave a ring of grease on the sides and my hands are starting to look as if I've morphed into a 110 year old I can look up and See something beautiful when down is all beyond disgusting!
Thought for this craft is as follws.. Something always is in need of spruceing!

Not Another Sign

Yes this is well once was a sign no glass it was all wood!
I cut up this lonely curtain and used the material for the base Hot glued it all down added some ribbon and flowers. I have it on the coffee table so that the finish doesn't get wrecked and the candle doesn't leave a hot spot on the finish!
1 frame that said something inappropriate
1 old curtain
1 clump of left over flowers
ribbon left over from a sale
and lots of hot glue!
Thought for this craft.... Cheap And Easy Do Go Together!

Ribbon Me This

I know that sometimes things are......... Well hard on the crafters wallet. This week is one of those weeks. Spring has sprung an I added ribbon to alot of things in the house such as instead of tie backs for the curtians I used ribbon and flowers! I put ribbon around pots and on the frames and in the bathroom to hide those ugly holders of the curtian. Let spring in today.........
Thought for this craft idea... Sometimes Nothing Is Spent More Wisley!

Love sign

I Painted brown over the original sign and then crackle and then white and then wall paper rose (now I know why they were in the discount bin I almost had to nail it down it wouldn't stay at all it was a pain!) I had some left over flowers from a you tube tutorial that showed how to do satin roses (that I gathered and glued to the end ofmy curtian sheers) and glued them on and painted the word love (with a horrible brush don't look at the penmanship) and then shellacked it. Everything for this crats was all left over things and I had 20 mins while the wax on the kitchen floor dried. This isn't my best work.... I want you to know that you can redo almost anything new or old and that with a little time you can create something someone Else will love!
Thought for this craft is.... Patience is a virtue!

Chinese What?

This is a box that I recently had bought at the Jo Ann crafts store on Clearance for 16 dollars and well I know that it's a dollar web blog but I couldn't resist. It was hideous all black and in the front and on top was red and black print that was Chinese in pattern! I was with my daughter and even with her eccentric taste was like, "mom really that's ugly!" Then 2 seconds later she said in the loudest voice, "What are you going to do with it?"...... So here is the dollar... DISCOUNT BIN NAPKINS 20 for a dollar!! Painted it all with crackle paint and then glue and water (50/50) mixture I decoupaged the top and the front then again with the ribbon along the seam to hide the edge and added some flowers from a old yard sale find glued on one at a time until I was happy and wohlah!!!
Thought for this craft......ME GONNA LOVE THIS LONG TIME!!!!

Decoauge Wallpaper Cut Outs

This is my first attempt in the decoupaging state I have received this odd shaped long wood unfinished holder my mom used it for the same thing and well i didn't like it so I started with brown paint in the wear areas and then green in the patina places and then white watered down all over then sanded the areas of use and well put the paper cut out in the center and then glued the ribbon around the inlet part rolled the washcloths and hand towels (soon to be used by the kids rolled up in a ball and tossed in random places) and on the back of the toilet bowl it now sits!

Wood holder = free
Paint = old stuff from Past projects
Ribbon = 10 for 10 cents (2010 flee market)
Wall paper cut outs = 16 for a dollar (Jo Ann crafts /discount bin)

Thought for this craft...One Mom's Trash is another Mom's blog project!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life and Cleaning

Today was a cleaning day and well every minute that I had a chance I did something new. My friend says, "Do with what you have!" and I did. Sometimes in life we struggle so that when the good comes we sure know how to apprecitate it. I'm going to upload a picture of a window that I crafted and i'm working on dazzeling the front door, all the little inlets that are there how about decopaugeing it with paper! Im serching for a craft that I could intrest people of god and i'm going to decopauge a stand that I have that isn't my taste and turn it into my taste of shabby chic! I'm also going to do a before and after so that you can see the process cause I don't know fully how to upload a video yet but they are on thier way!

Thought for this Cleansing Day...


Friday, March 18, 2011

What may be?

I heard that sometimes these could be entities and well I have lost a brother recently to cancer and I think this is a sign to lay down and relax.

Display what you have even if it isn't much!

I find that grouping are as follows ...What ever works! I'm starting over with a new taste and in one year I hope to have something that speaks to me.  When people come to the house they know who I am right away with the thing inside. My house is a treasure box of gold and everything in it appealed to me for a reason.. I put these up so that you can see my taste and how I WILL concur some struggles of life with inspiration, crafts and friends.. I've overcome some things others would have just threw their hands up at but me no I have to challenge everything and learning to let go of that trait is my biggest obstacle so in my time of doubt I craft things to show the talent that is a gift and using it to create beautiful things letting people know right away I have something beautiful inside me too......
Thought for these photos are ... Beautiful inside and out!

My Tree of Ideas

Have you ever been to the store only to find that those trendy wall words people are crazed about cost an arm and a leg so i went and painted my own and hung pictures on the branches its a big cluster cause I wanted it to look different thinner I guess but when you are only 5 feet and drawing something 4xs your size you gonna be a little off..
All the paint is left over from several craft projects ago and and the pic I had and I spent a dollar with the flowers 2bushels for a dollar pulled apart bent and slapped behind the pics propped against the wall I don't have to glue them they will stay I'm going to add wind soon so stay posted on this one.. thought for the craft........Which ever direction the wind may blow,
                                                                                you may always come back home!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is my daughters mirror that she had painted red and white stripes and well she no longer wanted it so its a hand me down (my favorite kind of stuff)  and then instead of painting it I used some old garland that was somewhere else and covered it with the petals and then the one dollar came from the roses it was also a garland from the local Dollar Store and It was all cut from the wire and hand glued each and every piece it took awhile but a good stress reliever and then the profit is knowing someone is going to ask you where you bought it!
Thought for this craft is....With a little imagination everything is possible!

My New Box

My son Oliver had taken it upon himself to poke holes in a box that i had bought at a flee market for 10 cents when i asked him why he said he was trying to keep his bugs alive..........
Yes i said the same thing. What the!!!!!
So here is my Crafty One Dollar Creation
1- ugly box (mine is round)
1- school glue (mixed with water to dilute
1- packet of tissue paper (the dollar I spent)
 Please cover box with glue and cover with tissue paper then do it again depending on the boxes color I covered mine with the white tissue first then the rose print next let dry in the sun if theres any? Then if any frays just re-glue with regular strength.
Look around your home to see if you have anything that you could use to embellish your box (flowers potpourri buttons and well what you like!
Wholah......there you have it!
Thought for the craft.... Think out side the box!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This is a the beaureu that forever is changing I just can't seem to get it the way I like at first I thought door knobs for the handels? (nope to big) store bought ones ?(nope to cold looking) Well on went the old ones! I painted it black, white, red and yellow now its back to black I wanted to decopauge it but its huge.. Well I don't donate that much time with 4 kids and all! Crackle paint yes but to do it with a dollar is gonna be hard Stand back cause i've been thinking alot somethings gonna happen cause black in a rosey pink room is like a elepant in a china store IT JUST DOESNT GO!!! HELP ME WITH THE IDEAS!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shabby Chic Curtians

Well I YouTubed my self to death almost, And what I have come up with is Shabby chic decorations is spare to minimal well I'm going to bump that up. I had started over with a new decorating style that isn't labeled and well there are no rules so its kinda new made old and vintage mix and whites well every day I check something new out and there was almost nothing that said how to shabby your curtains! Onwards, I made about 100 ribbon-fabric roses that I saw and glued them to the bottom of the curtains to shabby them up! Please feel free to tell me what you think!

Friday, March 4, 2011

 Well today the batteries for the camera died so you will have to wait to see the end stand that I swear I spray painted.  I challenge daily trying to find a craft to do with one dollar and well so on....... I tried ideas from You Tube and well 4 hours later and one back ache I was glued to the computer like everything in the back just stoped and the world ended. Never go in to You Tube alone your gonna need help pulling away!
Today's craft was roses for the curtains and well I'm going shabby chic where my taste in everything wild and soft an non matching and can be displayed glamorously!
I'm using scrap material from unused items around the house and gluing them along the bottom of the window curtain since they are sheer they are BORING and need some glam.. please have faith and wait for the pics they are going to be worth it!
Again I welcome your comments and bear with me I'm new at this!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sometimes in life your handed lemons and its up to you to think of a a way to make lemonade right? Well I make lemonade with flair I decorate! Crafty challenge what to do with a dollar? hymmnnnn....
I've looked around and today I will spray paint a stand that I found years ago into something shabby chic? Please feel free to let me know if you have suggestions or you think its blah or you absolutely love it and you intend on creating something with a dollar .........
INSPERATIONAL THOUGHT................ challenge today.......

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is left over sticks and well a glue gun and flowers I found for free needed quick space filler i'll elaborate more with ribbon and leaves for spring! Maybe hanging things and glass filler?