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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love sign

I Painted brown over the original sign and then crackle and then white and then wall paper rose (now I know why they were in the discount bin I almost had to nail it down it wouldn't stay at all it was a pain!) I had some left over flowers from a you tube tutorial that showed how to do satin roses (that I gathered and glued to the end ofmy curtian sheers) and glued them on and painted the word love (with a horrible brush don't look at the penmanship) and then shellacked it. Everything for this crats was all left over things and I had 20 mins while the wax on the kitchen floor dried. This isn't my best work.... I want you to know that you can redo almost anything new or old and that with a little time you can create something someone Else will love!
Thought for this craft is.... Patience is a virtue!

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