Spending is easy it's earning and well with the array of kids I have every penny counts but is well spent! May you have find treasures you can make or embellish with only a dollar. n.joy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like I said I had everything PRIMITIVE Style and well I was almost Amish.. After about 4-5 years of collecting I wanted a new style and well with a limited budget of about a dollar I creating this my blog. So eventually I climbed out from my strick tight wallet and took it all down and promised my self that when it went back I was going to be shabby chic!
This for instance was navy blue and the star as red like the others that will be transformed (ill show you those soon)the light was a x-mas decorating ornament I put the candle in the container and crackled the base and then painted it antique white and took some of the flowers that were left over wedding decorations (not my wedding OF COURSE) and put it all together in the window so that when I'm washing dishes that some would rather throw out and the water is starting to leave a ring of grease on the sides and my hands are starting to look as if I've morphed into a 110 year old I can look up and See something beautiful when down is all beyond disgusting!
Thought for this craft is as follws.. Something always is in need of spruceing!


  1. I just really love that...It looks amazing. I love how we are able to have something and create something new with it. You know what came to my mind..that is what God does with our lives!!!

  2. Yes lighting the way to happiness he shined the light and is allowing me to turn inwards to the spot deep within me to do what I enjoy most cause i've done what he is asking spread love spread it like seeds and reap the crop of fullfulness.......