Spending is easy it's earning and well with the array of kids I have every penny counts but is well spent! May you have find treasures you can make or embellish with only a dollar. n.joy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This is a the beaureu that forever is changing I just can't seem to get it the way I like at first I thought door knobs for the handels? (nope to big) store bought ones ?(nope to cold looking) Well on went the old ones! I painted it black, white, red and yellow now its back to black I wanted to decopauge it but its huge.. Well I don't donate that much time with 4 kids and all! Crackle paint yes but to do it with a dollar is gonna be hard Stand back cause i've been thinking alot somethings gonna happen cause black in a rosey pink room is like a elepant in a china store IT JUST DOESNT GO!!! HELP ME WITH THE IDEAS!

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