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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life and Cleaning

Today was a cleaning day and well every minute that I had a chance I did something new. My friend says, "Do with what you have!" and I did. Sometimes in life we struggle so that when the good comes we sure know how to apprecitate it. I'm going to upload a picture of a window that I crafted and i'm working on dazzeling the front door, all the little inlets that are there how about decopaugeing it with paper! Im serching for a craft that I could intrest people of god and i'm going to decopauge a stand that I have that isn't my taste and turn it into my taste of shabby chic! I'm also going to do a before and after so that you can see the process cause I don't know fully how to upload a video yet but they are on thier way!

Thought for this Cleansing Day...



  1. I had to click on the pic to enlarge. Love the vignette you have made in the window. Loved the idea of candies in the wine canister like that..Going to use it here in my home!

  2. omgosh I had this in the window last summer and all the candies melted it took two days and who knows how much boiling water to free the sticky mass! FYI= remove from the window in summer!
    the doilles are from walmart you know the table cloth plastic rolls they have in fabric well i bought some mis cuts and cut all the squares free to have washable plastic doilles of my own not to mention they can go in the washer ......