Spending is easy it's earning and well with the array of kids I have every penny counts but is well spent! May you have find treasures you can make or embellish with only a dollar. n.joy

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is a free item left for the taking at my work that I check daily! And it was perfect for the amount of fruit that we eat in this house. We are out of bananas so on went another ribbon just a splash of color to an other wise empty spot. I didn't craft today for I had to work get the kids and drove 30 miles to get 2 kids from my friend who watches them as if they are family (thank god).. Clean the house and tidy the bedroom for the one hundredth time.... As tired as I am I felt I needed to stay truthful and post something new. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got plenty of rest, spent time with your family or alone with your own thoughts which ever you may like? Have wonderful dreams and i'll see you all tomorrow!
Thought for this craft.... Tossed aside yes, saved yes and now It's the apple of my eye yes........

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