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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Before and after

Here is the worlds smallest room its about 7(long) by 5ft(wide). There's a door to the right of this a small walk in closet and one more turn leads to our bedroom door. I jazzed it up with a pink curtain and took the door off the closet! You'll see that all later. What I intended was to do picks from beginning to end but I have almost no impulse control. It was Burgundy and awful smelled like basement! With left over paint it came to life. I decoupaged the shelves and then started to sand with the coolest tool I found rummaging through the basement what it is who knows but I love it! Then I remembered I was intended to take a pic before then after! Well I'm not done it needs varnish and more dings and then polyurethane.... I'll post more when I'm done. One dollar you say well here's the break down.
stand= free (roadside)
Paint= 5 dollars 4 for one gallon and Uses about 8 0z Thinned to stretch the paint.
Napkins= 20 for like a dollar, I used 6
Varnish= free
polyurethane= free
Thought for today's craft.... Sanding tool 1, knuckle 0 never underestimate the power of a sander!


  1. Hi Leana! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so happy you did! I love the new shelf. Can't wait to see the room. Now that we know where we are in Blogland, let's not be strangers. The next time you stop by you'll find yourself on my bloglist!

  2. I love that paper that you have placed on those shelves...

  3. They are large cocktail napkins and discontinued I know they are beautiful (why they are discontinued who knows?) I'm still working on something to INSPIRE you! Thanks for popping over i was wondering what you were doing! Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!
    As my daughter says, LOVE PEACE AND CHICKEN GREASE!