Spending is easy it's earning and well with the array of kids I have every penny counts but is well spent! May you have find treasures you can make or embellish with only a dollar. n.joy

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My New Box

My son Oliver had taken it upon himself to poke holes in a box that i had bought at a flee market for 10 cents when i asked him why he said he was trying to keep his bugs alive..........
Yes i said the same thing. What the!!!!!
So here is my Crafty One Dollar Creation
1- ugly box (mine is round)
1- school glue (mixed with water to dilute
1- packet of tissue paper (the dollar I spent)
 Please cover box with glue and cover with tissue paper then do it again depending on the boxes color I covered mine with the white tissue first then the rose print next let dry in the sun if theres any? Then if any frays just re-glue with regular strength.
Look around your home to see if you have anything that you could use to embellish your box (flowers potpourri buttons and well what you like!
Wholah......there you have it!
Thought for the craft.... Think out side the box!


  1. I am into cutting out inspirational words and pictures out of magazines that I have picked up at yard sales for 99% less of what you would pay in the store...Than I use them to decorate my journals that I use..I have one for chore journal and the other is just a journal that I like to just write in for the most part each day...(I call them my love letters to Jesus). I find it very relaxing decorating these journals. I hope to one day start making more and offering them for sale on my Free Spirit Home blog...Love what you did with this box...Love using water and glue...I'm into mod podge these days..I love the stuff..I have even decorated a plastic three drawer set a while back..I did a video awhile back sharing what I did...

  2. I saw that but lets go bigger! Mod podge the shelf in your prayer spot with pages of an old Bible or old Hymn book then name it! Here i'll show you and if its not that expensive ill send it to you for free my gift to you for not even knowing you helped me do what I thought I had lost........... FAITH!!!!!!

  3. What an amazing idea. Never thought about that for my prayer corner..I have been sitting there lately wondering what to do...paint the shelf white, yellow, etc...What you have shared is AWESOME...oh thank you so much. Thank you for letting me know that Christ touched your life through me....wow!! God IS good....