Spending is easy it's earning and well with the array of kids I have every penny counts but is well spent! May you have find treasures you can make or embellish with only a dollar. n.joy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things around the house

These are some photos the I added to show what I have been doing around the house. The cat was black and I crackled it painted off white and sanded then I wraped the neck with ribbon and some flowers and now she sits pretty.
The beef stew was potatos, carrots, steak and some sugar snap peas added last minete so that they don't turn to mush and added a packet of vegetable beef stew and a package of low salt ah jus sauce and simmered the house smelled so good.
Next I made the heart it was Dark blue. I painted it off white and again added ribbon and hot glued some flowers on it. I don't hanve much but what I do have must be made into something I do like. The only thing that wasn't made with a dollar was the beef stew my family constist of 7 people and well stew is cheap but for 7 it exceeds one dollar always.
Thoughts for these pics..... Do with what you have and make the best of it.

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