Spending is easy it's earning and well with the array of kids I have every penny counts but is well spent! May you have find treasures you can make or embellish with only a dollar. n.joy

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rag Wreath

Here is a simple little wreath that I thought any one can do I did something similar to this but tied all the little scraps to a long piece of twine and then swagged it over the door for Christmas it was to die for the strips were about 2 inches wide (very if you want) and 4 inches long, You can pretty much rip the strips or cut its all your own thing and what you prefer... I also have a matching rag rug that is about 4 feet by 2 feet that was a gift from the local Tanger Outlet....Here is a pic off the web that I found to go with the thought......

As it being a one dollar blog instead of the 3.99 metal wreath Template I suggest that you bend a metal coat hanger and or slowly melt a plastic one....

Thought for this craft is and I quote..."Symbolizing eternal hope, the wreath goes 'round and 'round, And where it starts or ends cannot be found." njoy.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Today I shall color

Its amazing to think that sometimes just doing what you did as a child can bring back the smile that was once on your face here is what i plan. Just find black and whites and a .88 cent box of crayons and color until you feel free from the bold black lines!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Button, button who has the button?

This can be turned many ways! Go green and do a tree. Go yellow and blue do a egg. Go green and do a shamrock. Go x-o x-o Who knows just go get your buttons and craft this cute and amazing pillow! Now where did I put the needle and thread?

Thought for this craft is.....filled with buttons from family old clothes…
brass buttons, glass buttons, lace buttons and bows! Some people far away give me reasons to hug the one sitting so close...........

Valentine project or shabby all year?

Can this get any easier? Who would have thought? On my way to get streamers!

Valentine handmade card

Streamers glue and cardboard (empty cereal box will do)

Read more: http://alimero.ru/blog/master-class/2951.html

Thought for this craft is.. Valentines crafts up all year call it shabby chic...........
Now how can i get him to be my neighbor?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Crafty One Dollar Creations: O I'm gonna need a camera for this one~


O I'm gonna need a camera for this one~

Well sometimes things are hard on others and well I've had my fare share! I created this blog with the intention of filling my dreams of helping others create beautiful treasure with only a dollar. So that we all could save and help inspire creations to be given and treasured and since at this time my camera is in camera heaven I thought that I would upload several things that others have created..... Here are some more things that I have found on this very rainy day in NH! I can go on forever since everything that I've seen is just so real and beautiful! Some are so genuine that i cant help but look on! I've meet some really nice people and I look forward to many more hellos! I hope you all enjoy some of the things that i have found while searching for the next One Dollar Crafty Creation!

This can is what you may want to do when the Speggetti Sauce is in the crock pot and your waiting for company to come craft this as a gift to the music lover! (this seems to be very popular in the Shabby world !)

Sweet Pea

She had also created with only a Dollar and as a avid pine cone collector i saw this and thought of what a find they are beautiful free and sparkly. Try this in your home but add different colors for the occasion not to mention they burn in the fireplace and are natural fire starters!
she also had some great valentine crafts with the use of scraps watered glue (that's what I use when the end wont drip out dilute with water wholah!) Well she also hung with a twisted pipe cleaner and it adds happy to her home!
Thought for this craft is.......... When all else fails use the scrapes what may be discarded
Is something you may search later for..........waste not want not!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

She has it down !

When I see something that I love I over indulge like a loon! Thank gosh I don't like sweets. (I'm on my way to salt in take over load) Well I was minding the blog as devoted as can be and well not one but several ideas have me wheeling crafting plans like a mad woman. Like I was mentioning that i'm with out a camera for the time being I'm Google-ing and analyzing things that you could make if you use scraps and left overs and I fell upon this one blog that I really enjoyed here are some more pics that caught my interest! Feel free to stop by and add her she is at My Hand Made Home. Enjoy as I did.

Thought for this craft is as it says....
If we all gang together I think we could craft the world anew one glue stick at a time.... Have a great night..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Om-gosh............. Can you belive this what a darling idea.... See what you find when you just Google Craft ideas im going to do this for the kids with the crayons they broke and think are no good.... But im going to make their initials which by the way is and i quote....STOP!..........
Simon , Taylor , Oliver , Peyton.... Who would have thought?
Thought for the crafter's delight My Hand Crafted Home is Genius.

I have tons of left over ribbon and two baby blankets that I love the print on but since my kids are older there is no need for such things so this is what I plan to do with the two and the ribbon. It inspired me to add more me to the house to make it a home to reflect the love that is inside! We aren't really affectionate people with one another cause what kid wants to hug their mom all the time but please hear this One day the sweet boy named Oliver says mom this is my fav blanket it smells like you and your perfume! How cute my Oliver!


I saw this incredible little idea that seemed to be huge for me as I hope to you. Here's what I plan to do with the vintage bulbs I have when we move to our new home. Everything is packed at the moment so I can't share the pic as for the lack of the camera but that will come in time also! I hope this inspires you to create with using a dollar or redoing what you may have and adding a ribbon to it everything has a purpose but if it doesn't serve you pass it on!
Thought for this craft is...... Truth be told, Treasure unfold, What is new might be old!
Please everyone feel free to comment and add me so that I know you at least stop for a peek!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh What Have My Eyes Seen?

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I think the girls will love their Valentine button bracelet!

Coffee Break
I guess its not time to put the fishing line away!

This is what I came upon with the help of others and there hard thinking that inspired me to do the new One Dollar Crafty Creation

Now we all spend countless time looking and searching though random and sometimes daunting photos clip art and where ever else we shall go looking for the right pic to add to the blog well why arn't we doing that and putting them in One Dollar frames? hymmm..... I think that for the budget concise person / crafter that would be a great idea! Pricing even just a monogram letter and put it in a frame! The possibilities are endless when you look for images on the web! (Trust me I cant feel my feet for they have been dangling for hours!)
Thought for this craft I hope that this inspires you to look at everyone's pictures some idea may come to you too!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Welcome Valentines Day Already

Since I don't have a camera that takes visible pictures yet im poasting pics from other blogs that I follow and found that they may have a One Dollar Crafty Creation of their own. Here is what I found............
She a clever girl hadn't thought of that yet but since my favorite color is pink and I love vintage with roses i'm going to do this one but add my own flair you'll have to come back for that one!
This could be dear near anything you wanted left over ribbon and lace for all seasons think green ribbon and lace and burlap for St. Patrick Day?

You could down size these and use left over fabric and buttons and fill with poppuri or larger for your child's bed? What ever you may do or plan here is a little from what I saw this morning that I really thought should be considered please feel free to comment as I need social interaction and I know that its Rednsday and here is what I wanted to do for all you lovers out there!
Imagine being a kid and getting one of these individually wrapped and in cellophane with a ton of curly ribbon? I bet they would enjoy it all that marshmello goodness! Thought for these helpful hints is Let others lead the way for a chance don't always stride to be in the front let the light shine on everyone and help the ones in the back!!!!