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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decoauge Wallpaper Cut Outs

This is my first attempt in the decoupaging state I have received this odd shaped long wood unfinished holder my mom used it for the same thing and well i didn't like it so I started with brown paint in the wear areas and then green in the patina places and then white watered down all over then sanded the areas of use and well put the paper cut out in the center and then glued the ribbon around the inlet part rolled the washcloths and hand towels (soon to be used by the kids rolled up in a ball and tossed in random places) and on the back of the toilet bowl it now sits!

Wood holder = free
Paint = old stuff from Past projects
Ribbon = 10 for 10 cents (2010 flee market)
Wall paper cut outs = 16 for a dollar (Jo Ann crafts /discount bin)

Thought for this craft...One Mom's Trash is another Mom's blog project!

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