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Thursday, January 26, 2012

She has it down !

When I see something that I love I over indulge like a loon! Thank gosh I don't like sweets. (I'm on my way to salt in take over load) Well I was minding the blog as devoted as can be and well not one but several ideas have me wheeling crafting plans like a mad woman. Like I was mentioning that i'm with out a camera for the time being I'm Google-ing and analyzing things that you could make if you use scraps and left overs and I fell upon this one blog that I really enjoyed here are some more pics that caught my interest! Feel free to stop by and add her she is at My Hand Made Home. Enjoy as I did.

Thought for this craft is as it says....
If we all gang together I think we could craft the world anew one glue stick at a time.... Have a great night..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I love those precious snowmen! You have so many great ideas...I love your blog! ♥

  2. Om gosh I can hardly pull my self away sometimes! I have a couple of blogs that I check Daily and yours is one of them Thank you for following it made my day! Keep up the good work with yours... And thank you again for you kind words God Bless!