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Sunday, February 5, 2012

How BIG yet so small!

Each morning the sun shines through my window and I hate the thought that I have to cover it up with curtains since the house is clean and well .... decorated to show and then I Googled window treatments and thought pay (yeah.... right) I'm looking for sewing my own ideas! And then these came along swinging! I have similar bottles that were a huge thing about 5 years ago they were perfume bottles and well I've done all that I can do with them and packed it away for a emergency decorating issue! (Box contains what was, what might and what could be yes a secret 50 pound box that says "careful heirlooms!" on the side so when I 'am in need of moving it they meaning the kids take caution) well come the spring of the year and they shall come to rise again and hang in the sun..... Shinning beauty into the house once more!!!

Thought for this craft is...... What was once put away will always come back for return, bigger better and most wonderful. Have fun with this I shall wait until the new house to do this but what do I do for screws?                                                      

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