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Monday, December 26, 2011

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Over the summer I eventually complained enough that I broke my boyfriend into building me a new head board out of left over wood from a friends home renovation! And this is the pic of it. All the polyurethane in the world didn't make it sparkle enough! So for 1$ I went to the local Dollar Tree and purchased me some clear assorted sized beads and away I went stringing them along with heavy gauged fishing line that also was free from this summers adventures (go with the strong line cause if it breaks let me tell you--- you don't want 1 million clear beads all over the place and it will happen trust me!) And draped it all into one loop and grabbed the center and held it back with a wreath I had from a spring project! And wholah! Thought for this project..... When working with beads work over a bowl or mat with a edge cause the beads will spill all over the place! And you won't find them all, your feet will! But only when your half asleep and on the way to bathroom! Enjoy...............

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