Spending is easy it's earning and well with the array of kids I have every penny counts but is well spent! May you have find treasures you can make or embellish with only a dollar. n.joy

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go!

Well this week was a long one! I found a new church to go to. This was our second week and today's message was just as great if not better than last weeks! We are learning fan or follower
and what does your cross weigh? We learned that just cause we are not wielding a gigantic wooden cross
doesn't mean that we don't carry something around with us daily! And that there is a difference to being a fan or follower.... The songs that we sing pour out from the depths of some that move you when you least expect it...
You look around and see the true heart and love that some expose there letting it release and to be free its beautiful... (the singing is my favorite part!) I'm so happy when I go there and sing and clap and hear others lend a thought that just mat lead you to a way to let go of what you just cant seem to find a answer to!
After the time has pasted I take the kids to Goodwill for some time to find a treasure! It's our down time and we try to spend the day with each other! This is what I found with help all for a Dollar (the items that you see are around 4 dollars a piece but cause they have a white sticker they are only .50 cents and that's just for the day and clothes only!!!) They are all name brand and new no stains nor are they slightly used! yah us!
 The place mats are 6 for a dollar and well a much needed touch of spring please so I snagged these what a steal! Think that they are going to look great in the new dining room at the new house yah us again!! Plus they are my favorite colors pink and sage green!
 This is a glass vase that I saw and couldn't put it back it was also a dollar and said A Prayer To Our Mother
Of Perpetual Help so that I may gift my late brother a gift  for his spot of worship! I'm collecting things to make a curio cabinet of things that we have left to us to help remember the ones who are leading a life with GOD! Again a .99 cent deal!
 This is a hanger for .99 cents that I couldn't leave behind. I'm going to make a kissing ball for the seasons to hang inside the curio cabinet! (like the place mats do you? Or the Valentines Day roses for me!)
 This is to cute I also snagged this for the cashier thought that it was a grey 1/2 sticker so the 1.99 turned into a .99 center! yeah me and the doors work! The picture show a coffee for sale a .5cents boy if that were true i'd be in my glory at dunk-ins! Did you see the pig? He was a .99 center! My kitchen is to be all farm animals!
 This really is grey and was really only a dollar it was a clock but the arms are gone ? Didn't see that until I got home but still worthy of hanging on the wall I bet any one notices? Cute the family prayer and all! Did I mention its cast iron? whoop whoop!!
 All put away and ready for work thank you for stopping in I loved today and I hope that you had a treasure filled day and found strength and relief !!
Thought for this post is and I quote!!! Where ever you are in this world you are never alone to travel the lord will be at your side to hold you carry you drag you if he has to but never never alone!!! njoy!


  1. Great post! Love it.We are never alone!!
    Great treasures too.
    Hugs Trace


  2. Oh thank you may you have a great Monday!!!